Scoutkåren Vikingarna
Svenska Scoutförbundet
Lördag 17 november 2018,

This is a translation of text about Sjövik from 'Stockholms Scoutditrikt'.

Reservation, questions Peter Möller
Reimersholmsg 37, 3 tr läg 00236
117 40 Stockholm
08-669 94 19
More info: Reservations made, road drawing, pictures etc at Vikingarna's web site
Situation 1,6 km WSW Lovö Kyrka, Ekerö kommun
Communikations Underground (T-bana) Brommaplan, bus 323 to Lovö kyrka, walking distance ca 2,5 km. More buses pass Kanton, ca 4 km.
Map Lovöbladet 1:15 000 (Bromma OK), difficult to get, no reprints.
Size Main house with a large room (18 beds), kitchen, hall plus 3 patrol cottages with 1 room (6 beds/each)
Surroundings Forest, water close, with jetties. Possible to come with own boat.
Beds 36 beds
Heating Electric + fireplace as a reserve or with very cold weather.
Kitchen equipment Complete for 30 persons. Electric stove, fridge, micro
Water Flowing cols water indoors. At very low outside temperature, in pump house, distance 30 m.
Toilet 2 st TC outside
Telephone +46-8-759 04 21
Electricity Yes
Price Scouts 700 SEK/day. Weekend is always at least two days. Non-scouts double price.
Other Reservations at Vikingarna's web site. Questions Mon-Thu 19-21. Last 100 m not accessible by car (raod gate). Please keep phone number internal. Resonsible Harald Kuntze.