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Lördag 17 november 2018,

Request to rent Sjövik

External reservations are accepted from Jan 1 and from Sept 1 for next term. You can make a preliminary reservation before these dates but will have an answer after.
  • Check when Sjövik is avaiable:   Autumn 2018          Spring/summer 2019    
  • Fill in the fields and click Send
  • A mail will be sent to Responsible with a copy to your address below

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    By pressing 'Send' I confirm that I am familiar with Scoutkåren Vikingarna's rules for Sjövik.
    Reservations will be logged and 'first in' apply. You will get an answer as fast as possible, but if you haven't got anything within three days, please call. If you don't get a copy (to mail address obove) within a few minutes, please call because something has failed.

    *) If none of the participants has been at Sjövik during the last two years, the premises have to be shown.

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